The Lockdown of The Two Holy Harams 2020


Saudi Arabia imposes 24-hour lockdown until further notice in Makkah, Madinah (Image source: Gulf Business)

William Ewart Gladstone (29 December 1809 – 19 May 1898) was for four times the prime minister of the United Kingdom. He held that position until the end of the nineteen century, during the “Scrumble for Africa” in 1884.

One day, he was speaking on the floor of the UK parliament, and the following was part of his speech on that day:

“We will never be able to defeat and rule over the Arabs unless we place this Book – he was holding in his hand a copy of the Quraan Book – under our feet.”

A member of the parliament got up, came to him, took the Quraan Book from his hand, put it on the floor and stands on it.

Gladstone said: “You fool, I did not mean that! What I meant is that we must erase (Prophet) Muhammad (Sallaa Allaahu ‘Alayhe Wa ‘Alaa Aalehe Wa Sallam) from their heart, and stop them from visiting him! At that point we can defeat the Arabs.” End quote.

The UK government worked to deny Muslems access to the Prophet Sallaa Allaahu ‘Alayhe Wa ‘Alaa Aalehe Wa Sallam in Al Madeenah Al Munawwarah, and to perform ‘Umrah and Hajj in Makkah Al Mukarramah.

In Saudi Arabia there were not many educated citizens who knew how to run a government and to process Visa applications. So they hired UK government immigration personnel from London and put them in charge of the immigration services of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and Reyaad.

Until the end of the last Gregorian 20th century it was these Britons immigration officers who used to process the applications of Muslems from all over the world for ‘Umrah and Hajj, and Zeyaarah to Prophet Muhammad Sallaa Allaahu ‘Alayhe Wa ‘Alaa Aalehe Wa Sallam in Al Madeenah Al Munawwarah.

Later the USA joined the processing of the Visa for Muslems who applied for a Visa to come to Saudi Arabia.

These Britons and Americans granted and denied Visas at their whim.

The air fares to Saudi Arabia became prohibitive to the majority of the Muslems. Likewise the hotels in Makkah Al Mukarramah and Al Madeenah Al Munawwarah.

Many Muslems were not able to afford to visit the Prophet Sallaa Allaahu ‘Alayhe Wa ‘Alaa Aalehe Wa Sallam or to make Hajj to the Ka’bah.

It is so sad that non Muslem governments decided who visits Prophet Muhammad Sallaa Allaahu ‘Alayhe Wa ‘Alaa Aalehe Wa Sallam and who makes Hajj.

If he was resuscitated today, Gladstone would be very happy to see his program and his instructions put into practice by Aala Sa’ood, who in the year 2020 locked down the Harams of Makkah Al Mukarramah and the House of Allaah, and the Haram of Al Madeenah Al Munawwarah, the residence of Prophet Muhammad Sallaa Allaahu ‘Alayhe Wa ‘Alaa Aalehe Wa Sallam.

Dr. Hassan Sheikh Hussein Osman, DVM
Makkah Al Mukarramah, Friday 06 Shawwaal 1441 Hejree (29 May 2020 Gregorian)

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