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The True Barrier of Qurush (Koresh)

Between two seas (Black Sea and Caspian Sea) there is the very high Caucasus mountain chain, and there is only one pass that allows people from north to cross to the south. This pass, called “The Pass of Darial” is located between the two cities of Villady and Tiblisi. There is a wall on this […]

The Identification of Dzū al-Qarnayn by Dr. ‘Adnaan ben Ibraaheem

Al-Shaykh Dr. Aboo Muhammad ‘Adnaan ben Ibraaheem (الشيخ الدكتور أبو محمد عدنان بن إبراهيم) is a Palestinian / Austrian ‘Aalem from Ghazzah (Palestine), with a massive knowledge of Islaam, for he is a haafeth (حافظ), expert in tafseer (التفسير), Hadeeth (الحديث), Seerah (السيرة), history (التاريخ), poetry (الشعر), the Arabic Grammar / Nahw (النحو), the Arabic […]

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